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raging seas & RISING SUNS



I will say, I do love this design. It is different than the others, and not exactly what I had in mind...but this is the result of lots of experimenting, exploring and thinking over the design, and I dig it. Lately I've been "hitting the books"; sticking close to the foundations of graphic design, as well as book design. It is unlike film poster design, logo design, etc. It serves a very important role in communicating a feeling to your readers and the creative possibilities of what you can bring to life in a book cover is pretty cool. 


I think for you specifically Chris, something colorful and highly creative is the way to go!

This design is clean and simple; yet daring and different.

It has a hint of fantasy to it. It blends art styles seamlessly, and it still includes the elements that you wanted to include, with my own little twist. From what I see, this book is like a journey through your struggles, but ultimately a triumph of those challenges and a message of perseverance to others. I feel as though the black and white tones of some of the older designs didn't communicate that clearly enough. I am not the writer, but as the designer and consumer, I feel as though the book design should have the vibrance it deserves. 

Goldleaf rsRS mock2.jpg


Don't mind some of the text you see. It's borrowed from your site, as I needed something to use as a placeholder. Basically I wanted to bring the book to life for you, so you can visualize with me a bit more of what the official release could be like.

book-mockup-vol5-1 INSIDE 2.jpg


I borrowed more text from your site and it turned it into a tagline for the inside cover of your book. 


"Sharing stories, Co-Creating, Making Change"

Man, that's good stuff.

And as you can see, there's a mockup of a TGC logo that I was experimenting with. The text is inspired by classic typefaces and fonts used in print and newspaper. The icon element is inspired by a clock face and rays of the SUN.

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